Carolin Goedeke teaches Classical Indian Bharata natyam-Dance, Bollywood-Dance, Dance-Theatre and Performance in Berlin and all over Germany. For all levels, from Beginners to Professionals. For Dance-Schools, Institutions (Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, Unionshilfswerk), Museums (Ethnologisches Museum, Berlin), and for many private festivities as well as for Corporate Events.

Bharata natyam-Dance

Classical Indian Dance is rooted in 2000 year old temple rituals and combines influences from sacral dance-theatre and yoga.

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In her classes, Carolin Goedeke teaches basic steps and choreographies of the dynamic and joyful Bollywood-Dances. She also is including elements of classical Indian dance like mime and Mudras (ritual hand positions).

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Carolin Goedeke also is offering Workshops, Lecture-Demonstrations and Performances for schools and other institutions

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