Creating sparkling PERFORMANCES
For international THEATERS and EVENTS – from Berlin up to Bombay!


Carolin Goedeke and Manuela Hoffmann are creating Dance-Shows specifically and individually planned for your event.
You can choose from our rich variety:

- Classical and Semiclassical Indian Dance
- Bollywood-Dance-Show
- Modern Ballett
- Acrobatic Elements
- Mask-Dance-Theater
- Modern Indian Dance
- Live-Music, Bollywood and Classical
- Moderation / Conferencier
- Bringing Indian Culture closer to a western audience!

We have more than 15 years of experience in conception, organization and performance of Dance-Shows (Solo, Duo, Ensemble).

We are creating Dance-Programmes for such a variety of events like Festivals, FIFA Women WM 2011, Intercultural Events, Theatre Pieces, Business Events, Galas, Weddings, Christmas and Sylvester Celebrations, Museums.

If it is your wish, we are also using interactive concepts to integrate the audience and are conducting dance-workshops.


Resort Schwielowsee, Potsdam / D, Bharata natyam and Semiclassical Indian Dance
Fontanehaus, Berlin, Clarinet Concerto, W.A. Mozart, KV 622

Ayurveda Wellness-Zentrum Surya Villa, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam, Bollywood)
Philharmony Berlin, Symphony Concert with Sinfonieorchester Schöneberg (Clarinet)

Indische Botschaft, Berlin (Interdisziplinäres Theater “Mahatma & Mozart”)
Ethnological Museum, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Bollywood)
Wedding-Celebrations and Jubilees all over Germany (Bharata natyam Dance, Bollywood, Mask-Dance-Theatre, Moderation)

Suzuki, Corporate Event Berlin, (Bollywood, Acrobatic Elements)
Theater Pasinger Fabrik, Munich (Theater Mahatma & Mozart)
Theaterbühne Bergmannstraßenfest, Berlin (Bollywood, Comedy, Moderation)
Jubilee Yogaschule Yogashakti, Berlin (Solo: Moderation and Live Musik / Mozart-Clarinet)
Unionshilfswerk, Berlin (Classical Indian Dance, Bollywood, Workshop)
Baerenwald Mueritz gGmbH (Solo: Dances from Vietnam)
Schloss Grube, Bad Wilsnack / D, Indian Night, (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)

World Universitary Debating Congress, Technische Universität, Berlin (Contemporary Indian Dance, Bharata natyam, Modern Ballett, Moderation)
Museum for Asian Art, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam, Bollywood and Workshops)
RAA Berlin (Workhops)
Bärenwald Müritz gGmbH (Solo: Dances from India and Sri Lanka)
Diwali-Event, Himmelpfort/ D (Bollywood, Mask-Dance-Theatre, Live Musik Bollywood, Bharata natyam)
Hexad GmbH, Wolfsburg / D (Classical Indian Dance, Bollywood, Acrobatic Elements, Modern Ballett, Moderation)
Serenade Unterm Sternenhimmel, Optikpark Rathenow / D (Bharata natyam, Mask-Dance-Theatre, Live Music/ Vocals, Bollywood)

Bollywood-Dance Performance for TV:
ARTE Metropolis Magazin
ZDF Morgenmagazin

Lange Nacht der Museen, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Bollywood, Moderation)
Evangelic Church, Vehlin / D (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation)
Deutsche Medienbeobachtungs-Agentur GmbH, Berlin (Classical Indian Dance, Moderation, Bollywood, Modern Ballett, Workshop)
Bergmannstraßenfest, Berlin (Bharata natyam, Comedy, Bollywood)
Museum for Asian Art, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
NABU, Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (Fine Arts / Painting)
Hexad GmbH, Corporate Event, Wolfsburg / D (Bharata natyam, Bollywood, Acrobatic Elements, Moderation)
Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, Berlin (Workshop)


Excerpts from our 90 Minutes Show ORIENTOKZIDENTEXPRESS: Bharata natyam Dance, Bollywood, Ballett, Live-Music and Mask- Dance-Theatre

FIFA Women WM 2011 (Classical Indian Dance, Moderation, Bollywood, Acrobatic Elements)
Sophiensaele Theater, Berlin (Solo: Mask-Dance-Theatre)
Museum for Asian Art, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam, Workshops)
Shakti Yogaloft, Berlin (Solo: Dance-Theatre)
Institut für berufliche Bildung und Weiterbildung, ibbw, Berlin (Workshops)
Christmas Event, Brücke Rendsburg-Eckernförde e.V. (Classical Indian Dance, Modern Ballet, Moderation, Bollywood)

“Bollywood and Beyond”, Indian Filmfestival, Stuttgart / D (Jury for the Bollywood-Dance-Contest, Solo)
Theater Eigenreich, Berlin (horrorvacui)
Travel Agency Holidayland, Bestensee, D (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation)
Christmas Event, Flexitime GmbH (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Bollywood, Moderation)
Indian Night, Erlebniswelt Krauschwitz, D (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation, Bollywood)
German-Indian Round Table, IHK, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
Market of the Continents, Ethnologisches Museum, Berlin (Workshops)

BKA Theater, Berlin (Contemporary Indian Dance)
Indian Embassy, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation, Fine Arts / Painting)
Pasinger Fabrik Theater, München, D (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation)
Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel, D (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation)
Sylvester-Event Inselhof Zempin, Usedom, D (Solo: Bollywood, Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
Bergmannstrassenfest, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
Attension Theaterfestival, Lärz / D (Workshops)
Varieté ZirCouplet, Berlin (Solo: Contemporary Indian Dance)
Frauenbildungshaus Zülpich (Solo: Bharata natyam, Workshop)

Ethnological Museum, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation, Bollywood, Workshop)
Yogafestival, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation, Workshop)
Indian Night, Wonnemar, Bad Liebenwerda, D (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation, Bollywood)
Jubilee, Moveo, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation)
Sterntal e.V. Berlin, (Workshops)
Scheinbar Varieté, Berlin (Solo: Modern Indian Dance)
Jubilee, Yogagarten, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)

fabrik potsdam (Contemporary Dance)
Business Event, WBSAN, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation)
Museum for Asian Arts, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation, Bollywood, Workshop)
Wedding Celebrations, Berlin, Hamburg, München, D (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation, Bollywood, Workshop)
Jubilee Himmelspagode, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
Lesart, Poesiefestival, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin (Workshops)

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
City Library Erfurt, Intercultural Week (Solo: Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
Ethnological Museum, Berlin (v Classical Indian Dance, Workshop)
Sofa Varieté, Berlin (v Classical Indian Dance, Moderation)
Jugend im Museum e.V., Berlin (Workshops)
Designmai Berlin (Solo: Modern Indian Dance)

International Festival of Arts, Bangalore/ India (Solo: Bharata natyam)
Shivaratri-Festival, Bangalore/ India (Solo: Bharata natyam)
Sreyas Centre, bei Bangalore/ India (Bharata natyam)

Festival of Traditional Dance, Berlin (Bharata natyam)
Parampara, Bangalore/ India (Solo: Bharata natyam)
Kannada Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore /India (Bharata natyam)
Ponnaiah Lalaitakala Academy, Bangalore, India (Workshops)

Indian Embassy, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam, Moderation, Painting)
Kunsthaus Seidlvilla, München (Mask-Dance-Theatre )
Ökowerk, Berlin-Grunewald ( Solo: Bharata natyam, Live Music Clarinet, Painting)

Yavanika Theatre, Bangalore/ India (Bharata natyam)
Music Academy, Visakhapatnam/ India (Bharata natyam)
T.Nagar Theatre, Chennai/ India (Bharata natyam)
Music Academy, Vijyawada/ India (Bharata natyam)
ACUD-Theater, Berlin (Mask-Dance-Theatre)

Gasteig, Lange Nacht der Museen, München (Mask-Dance-Theatre)
Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin (Solo: Bharata natyam)
Jugend im Museum e.V., Berlin (Workshops)

Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin (Bharata natyam)
Haus am Waldsee, Berlin (Bharata natyam)

Museum for Modern Art, Yekaterinburg, Russia (Performance, Fotography)

Spitz Club, London, UK (Performance, Photography)

International Festival of Young Theatre, Erlangen, D (Performance)
Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München, D (Performance, Live Music Clarinet)

International Arts Festival, Ulan Bataar, Mongolia (Performance, Live Music Clarinet)

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