(Feature length, short sequences are also bookable)
1 “Classical Bharata natyam Templedances”: set to Carnatic Music
2 “Semiclassical”: Bharata natyam, choreographed in a contemporary manner to Fusion Music, Jazz and Classical western Music (Mozart…)
3 “Portraits”: Carolin Goedeke represents in her choreographies “Portraits” of a variety of female role models, from archaic goddesses like Durga and Parvati up to powerful women of today's India.

All Programmes include interesting and humorous moderation and on demand interaction with the audience, like teaching of Indian Hand Gestures (Mudras), Dance-Workshops, Discussions..)

Carolin Goedeke gives Solo- and Duo-Performances with Manuela Hoffmann. Some of her previous clients are: FIFA Women soccer WM, Indian Embassy Berlin, Suzuki, NABU, international theaters… and many more.

Carolin Goedeke, awardee of Indian Ministry of Culture ICCR, is choreografing not only to Indian, but also to different kinds of western music. This variety together with her charming moderation is appreciated a lot by the audience.

Classical Bharata natyam Dance is rooted in 2000 year old South Indian Temple Rituals. Therefore, the dancer personifies gods and goddesses like Krishna, Ganesha and Kali and embodies their adventures in energetic dance and expressive mime.
Concerning Bharata natyam Dance, the special combination of graceful Hand Gestures, (Mudras), precise movements and vibrant dance steps with additional bells fixed on the dancer's feet, is extremely fascinating.

Carolin Goedeke is creating individual performances which will enhance your event in an unforgettable way.
A very favoured Show is the combination of Classical Indian Dance, entertaining Moderation, Live Music and sparkling Bollywood Choreographies.

Classical South Indian Dance

Bharata Natyam is rooted in the sacred temple rituals of South India (Tamil Nadu) and more than 2000 years old.
Dance and drama are woven into each other, when stories of the hinduistic gods and goddesses are visualized in movements.
The dance consists of „abstract“ items with very dynamic, rhythmic footwork and of expressive dance, called Abhinaya, with a special language of hand gestures and facial expressions.
In abstract (nritta) pieces, harmonic and geometrical lines of the body are playing a significant role, as well as the intricate quick footwork in which the dancers feet are beating the rhythm together with the drum.

The expressive dances are including spiritual and philosophical items. They are narrating mythological stories of hinduistic gods and goddesses. Here the dancer also is representing the human soul, which is longing to be reunited with the universal soul where all beings originate from.
So abstract energies and philosophical/metaphysical contents are set into a language of body expression.
Bharata Natyam is combining in one artform essences of music, dance, yoga with sculptural poses, mime, meditation and philosphy as well as with drama and lyrics.

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